The Chamberlins consist of one passionate Brazilian and one brave Englishman who decided he could handle being married to a feisty - yet pint-sized - South American woman.

We’re Will and Celle and we fully believe in the hilarity, beauty and adventure marriage has to offer. Being married ourselves, we know that marriage isn’t just a wedding ceremony; it’s a lifetime of discovering each other and elevating one another to be the best person they can be.

Both of us see love as not just a feeling, but a verb. An active choice you make, even when you don’t feel like the other deserves it.

Because that is authentic, sincere love.

And when it comes to photographing weddings, that’s what we capture.

Wanna know more about our wedding?

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The Caramel Chamberlin

Full name’s Marcelle (pronounced MARSÉLI) but all my friends call me Celle. The reason I’m here is because Will was crazy enough to teach me the ropes when it comes to wedding photography. My once audacious dream to photograph weddings is a reality nowadays which is pretty unreal. I’m forever grateful that we get to do this together. I love a good ASOS sale, reading Wonder Woman comics and having a sing-song with fellow musical mates. Ps: Will hasn’t married two different people… I just opt for different hairstyles now and again.


Fave movie(s): Equilibrium and Princess & The Frog. I have eclectic taste.

Current obsession: Marie Kondo'ing our home; she sparks joy for me. And without a doubt, the TV show, Schitt's Creek! "Euw, David!".

Most used catchphrase : “Live your best life.”

Bucket list destination(s): I’m super keen to visit Japan. New Orleans also looks like a dream as I’d eat my weight in beignets & jambalaya whilst dancing to some live jazz.

The OG Chamberlin

Full name’s Will (pronounced… Will) but I’m called William when I’m in trouble. I’ve been photographing weddings for six years but photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Dad would always have cameras lying around and eventually what used to be a hobby became my profession. I’m incredibly blessed to travel with work and visit some fantastic places like: Tuscany, Switzerland and Morocco. When I’m not taking photos I’m usually geeking out about cars, motorbikes or guitars.


Fave movie : Ski Patrol and probably Love Actually. I’m a bit of a softie, what can I say.

Current obsession: Erm, VR F1 Racing. Celle is sniggering as we speak.

Most used catchphrase : “DECENT”

Bucket list destination(s): Alaska is pretty outrageous but I’d absolutely love to go there!

It would be an honour to join you on your adventure.

Thank you to The Springles for our photos, constant support and delicious vegan food.