Weddings and COVID-19

Wedding Guidance for Coronavirus

As we continue to be flooded by news of COVID-19, we have no doubt that quite a lot of you might be feeling overwhelmed and worried about your weddings. As a wedding supplier, we wanted to reassure both current and future couples, of our professional and personal stance on the matter, as well as remind you of the T&Cs we have in place.


Given the latest official government rules - which are continuously changing!- re: weddings + COVID-19, we are currently not permitted to photograph weddings. This rule has been imposed until the 2nd December 2020. We are expecting to see a 'tiered approach' reappear in England after the lockdown period which hopefully, means we can still shoot wedding ceremonies of up to 15 people soon (not including us!). This has not been confirmed by the government and we eagerly await a new update from the PM after 2nd December. As much as that breaks our hearts, we know it is in the best interest of the entire nation and we will absolutely respect this.

We've included general FAQs below that address illness cover / postponements and cancellations to help you move forward with new wedding plans in the future.

Personally, we are without a doubt, taking precautionary methods as advised by the NHS and WHO during our day-to-day including washing our hands with soap on a regular basis sanitising surfaces, and maintaining an appropriate social distance for those we absolutely have to come in to contact with.

What happens if The Chamberlins fall ill?

We wouldn’t dare risk yours or your guests’ health, and show up to shoot your wedding were we to fall ill. Thankfully, we have an amazing community of wedding photographers who we can rely on to be an appropriate replacement. We will get in touch you with you as soon as we believe we have to take such measures and send through a list of photographers we love and trust who would be available to shoot your day.

Once they have photographed your wedding, we would take over the editing and delivery of your wedding photos. This is per our contract and would be done at absolutely no extra costs to you.

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What happens if we decide to postpone our wedding?

It makes absolute sense to be worried about the wellbeing of your family members and friends, (not to mention your own health too!) and postponing your wedding.

As per our T&Cs, we are more than happy to transfer your booking to another date, on the proviso that we are available. This is all done free of charge with no extra hassle.

We advice our couples to try midweek dates (much) later this year too instead of moving everything to 2021as this will free up more availability with us.

However, we do ask that given the circumstances, you still pay your wedding balance a month before the original wedding date.

Like many of the other vendors and suppliers you have booked for your wedding, we are a small business. We would be endlessly grateful if our couples could work with us this way, as it will help with the influx of finances during such a tumultuous and uncertain time for us self-employed folks.

If you are looking to have an intimate ceremony before your postponed reception, please email us to discuss plans as we've got an alternative to offer too.

What happens if my venue cancels my wedding?

Although it is in your venue’s best financial interest to keep your wedding going ahead, this is obviously something they might do if they feel it is the safest and most appropriate solution to current affairs. This is where your wedding insurance should help cover costs including non-refundable services from suppliers. For us, this would be a cancellation 6 weeks or less before the wedding date.

Our Tips


Don't Panic!

We know how scary this all might sound, but make sure to care of both your physical and mental well-being. Wedding planning is already quite a workload, so please take care of you.


Reduce Mass News Intake

It can be very overwhelming to see so many news outlets and social media forums discuss the issues at hand which tends to be incredibly negative so do be mindful of that. Be aware, but don’t drown in it all. Make sure that what you *are* reading are reliable sources such as the NHS advice page, WHO, and widely known trusted news sources.


Take sensible, precautionary measures at your wedding.

Even after you postpone to perhaps later in the year, you should still consider scaling back on size of guests if you can. (You could even live-stream the ceremony and speeches for those with underlying health conditions / are of age). Provide extra soap and hand sanitisers throughout the day and in the venue. Communicate with guests that you will not be maintaining close contact with them (as sad as that might be!). Check with your vendors to ensure they are also taking precautionary measures when working with you, making everyone feel comfortable on the lead up and on the day. Staying safe means also keeping your vendors (like us!) safe too.


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Despite normally being very affectionate people, we will be following a strict no handshake and hug policy rule for our weddings.



We will carry our own hand sanitisers as well as surface wipes so we can wipe down our gear. We will also, continue to wash our hands regularly throughout the day like we do now!

Stanlake Park Wine Estate Wedding Photography, Berkshire | The Chamberlins Wedding Photography | Surrey, UK


We will maintain our distance, even during couple shoots, and make sure that we do what is the most sensible! Good thing we have lenses perfect for close-ups without having to be all up in your face.

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Although we are always honoured to sit at the table and dine with friends and family, we ask that we are provided a separate place to eat* (even if it's our own car) in order to not mix with other guests who we have not self-isolated with. We also have family members that are at risk and want to stay safe for their health too.

*This is only if food is provided which is not expected from our couples. We will just need to know in advance so we can bring our own meals.

From A Personal Standpoint

We kindly ask that you keep us in mind and empathise with us during this time, as a slight change to our normally reliable and consistent income, could affect our lives. If you are able to and it does not put you or others at risk, we ask that any potential couples still place your wedding photography deposits and go ahead with us for future weddings.

That being said, we ask that you take all advised precautionary methods at your wedding as our and our family's health is also at stake. Please take this into account and know that although we are absolutely keen to shoot your ceremony / wedding, we still want to stay safe too.

You can always help us out as a business by doing any of the following:

Leave us a positive review on FB and / or Google.
Buy our gift vouchers so friends and family can enjoy them in the future.
Share our photos on your Instagram and FB.

We deeply appreciate your support.

In spite of it all, we are choosing not to dwell in fear. We have hope that this issue, which is without a doubt, far greater than ourselves, will pass. And we can only encourage you, your friends and family to stay safe and to have hope.

Still in doubt?

If you have any further Qs or concerns regarding weddings + COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



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