Your Family
Beautifully & Authentically Captured.

Family Photographer Surrey

Everyone knows time flies, especially with little ones who, like the seasons, flourish and change as the years go on. 

And you, parents, who were first and foremost lovers to each other. Are growing older and delving deeper into love, with every grey hair grown and wrinkle added. 

We want nothing more than to capture you and your family in their total uniqueness and beauty in a relaxed, artistic manner.  As you look back through photos, we want you to remember how it felt to raise your family at this moment. To reminisce on all the small yet precious parts that make up who you are. 

From foraging in the woods to making big splashes in the sea, we’re here to capture your adventurous spirits in a true and joyful way. Muddy shoes, cheeky giggles and big smiles. All the sweet connections between you. It’s all worth remembering. It’s all worth cherishing. 

 It’s all worth capturing.

What to expect


Firstly, our sessions are always laid-back and relaxed as we want you and your family to feel comfortable and confident throughout our time together. We’ll meet at our destination (chosen together) and shoot in and around the area. We love to go for a wonder so make sure to wear beautiful but comfy outfits! While we love candid photos, there might be times where we give you cues and prompts but it will remain a relaxed experience and focused on getting you and your tribe at their best. Sessions last between 1.5-2 hours and take place 2 hours before sunset or an hour before sunrise.



Available Mon-Thur

- A personal, curated clothing mood-board based on your vision for the shoot.

- Two photographers providing 1.5-2 hour photography coverage.

- 50+ fully edited high-resolution images delivered via a private digital gallery delivered within 3-4 weeks.

- Printing rights.

- Travel within London and home county venues within 1h30 drive included.

Starting from


These sessions are suitable for two adults with children who are over 3 months. Additional family members, such as grandparents are welcome but are an additional £25 per person.

Frequently Asked Questions



What Do We Wear?

Both comfort and style is key for our sessions. We’ll send over a Pinterest board for overall inspo as we discuss your plans and once we’ve got an idea of what you’re up for, we’ll send your personal mood-board based on what you’d like to do on the day.


Do You Shoot Outdoors All Year Round?

Our family sessions start around the beginning of April and end mid-October. We always recommend sessions are booked according to sunset times (or sunrise, if you’re early birds!). We tend to start 2 hours before sunset so please do keep that in mind when it comes to childrens’ ages.


Should We Bring Anything?

We can discuss this when creating your session moodboard, but feel free to bring any appropriate props in mind. Blankets, a picnic-set-up, a wild bouquet, matching flower crowns or even a change of clothes. If we’re shooting with babies and very little ones, bringing neutral toys they love and / or teethers are ideal.


Our Kids Don’t Like to Sit Still and Pose.

To be totally honest, don’t expect them to! Being in front of the camera can be an odd experience so we always aim to keep our shoots relaxed and true to who you are as a family. We’re happy to let them do their thing and work around you.


What If It Rains?

Let’s face it, the likelihood of it raining in the UK is pretty high. We always find light showers make for some really fun, adventurous sessions with kids in their muddy boots and cute raincoats. Plus, mum and dad kissing in the rain! Romantic much? So we do in fact, shoot in any weather. However, we get that not every little one is up for that and if the weather is too stormy (i.e. torrential, lighting and hail) we can aim to reschedule to the nearest date.


What If Our Child is Unwell On The Day Of Our Shoot?

It’s never nice when your little one is feeling poorly. As soon as you know that you can’t make the shoot, please let us know as quickly as you can and we’ll aim to reschedule.


Can We Bring Our Dog?

We LOVE dogs, so yes absolutely! The only thing to bear in mind is that we’d need to make sure we go somewhere pet-friendly for your shoot and it always helps if they’re trained or mellow as they’ll be with you for the entire time. We want them to add to your shoot not stress you out.


We’re So Excited For Photos Of Our Family But We Don't Like Sharing Their Faces Online. Is That Okay?

We completely respect parental wishes to keep children’s privacy a priority. If this is the case, please let us know when it comes to booking us. We are also able to take specific shots that are a bit more creative and don’t reveal your children’s full faces.


Ok - We're Sold! How Do We Book You?

Yay! We’re so excited about this. All you need to do is get in touch via our enquiry form and we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as we can with any further info you need. Once we’ve agreed on a date, and we’ve confirmed our availability, we’ll send over your session contract and a £200 deposit invoice. Once both bits are done, you’re officially booked in. Please note that dates can’t be held without both being completed.