De Vere Beaumont Estate Wedding Photography

~ De Vere Beaumont Estate Wedding Photography ~

Six Reasons To Get Hitched at De Vere.

De Vere Beaumont Estate Wedding Photography was a slight departure from our more non-traditional wedding photography. However, as the day went on – and we explored more of the venue – we happily embraced it. You’ll shortly see why.

As alternative, documentary-style wedding photographers, traditional wedding venues aren’t necessarily our cup of tea. However, every once in a while we come across a venue that changes our minds and leaves us excited to shoot there again. Well, say hello to De Vere Beaumont Estate.

De Vere Beaumont Estate is an elegant, quintessentially British venue, situated in Old Windsor, Berkshire and rich with all sorts of history. After photographing here – and loving it- we thought we’d outline six reasons why this historic spot is a wedding venue worth getting hitched at, no matter how traditional or non-traditional you might be.

1.The Chapel at De Vere Beaumont

It’s safe to say that the most stunning aspect of this venue is its Romanesque style 19th-century Chapel. More often used for an evening reception room rather than a place of worship, this breathtaking chapel boasts in remarkable stained glass windows and a barrel-vaulted painted ceiling that is quite literally, a work of art. Dining in the chapel is definitely a beautiful experience and given it’s exquisite look, you won’t need to spend a lot of time -or money – decorating it.

The Chapel at De Vere Beaumont Estate - Wedding Photography by The Chamberlins - Alternative London Wedding Photography

2. Beaumont Gardens.

The entire estate is surrounded by lush greenery -as well as unique stone monuments- covering 40 acres of land. This gives both couples and guests plenty of scenic views to enjoy. We are both big fans of the great outdoors and love photographing our couples in surrounding trees & woodland. These grounds give you plenty of options for natural, organic backdrops without having to leave the venue.

3.The White House.

At the heart of the Deve Vere Beaumont Estate sits the White House. This stunning 18th century building is a fantastic spot for intimate weddings of up to 50 guests; with various wedding room options, as well as luxury bedrooms and suits (more on that in just a second). The White House is the perfect solution for giving your wedding day an exclusive feel. It has a separate entrance and reception space, plus, its exterior is perfectly picturesque.

The White House at De Vere Beaumont Estate - Wedding Photography by The Chamberlins - London Alternative Wedding Photography

4. Bridal Prep Room.

Pretty much every photographer would agree that a room with airy, natural light seeping in makes for some fantastic photos! And we promise you we are not wrong. The tall windows in the en-suites of the White House make way for some splendid rays of sunshine meaning shots of bridal & bridesmaid prep is super dreamy here. When it comes to wedding photography, a well-lit room plays a huge factor in getting beautiful, natural photos and the suites at De Vere Beaumont 100% make for flattering make-up shots.

5. Unique, Vintage Hallways.

It’s one thing to have a lovely reception space, and another for the entire space in which you’re getting married in to feel and look special. There are so many gorgeous spots throughout The White House that every corner is picturesque. It’s very much a classy, vintage affair and it works perfectly in this Georgian venue.

6. The 1705 Restaurant.

This restaurant and bar section of De Vere is an elegant dining area that was once a school, specifically, Beaumont College. Over time, it has been re-done, fitted with moody lighting, fresh decór & a classic design that clearly celebrates its former rich history. Grabbing a drink by at the bar to get rid of wedding jitters is a sound idea.

~ De Vere Beaumont Estate Wedding Photography ~

If you’re looking for De Vere Beaumont Estate wedding photography, give us a shout as we’d love to hear from you.

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