Rixensart, Belgium Destination Wedding – Ferme du Château

Every wedding we are a part of is so special, but some sit just above the rest and this was one of them. Stephen and I (Will) lived together for two years while at university and have known each other for quite some time. This was bound to be a destination wedding to remember.

Celle & I’s adventure started in the eve, when we travelled to the Belgian countryside with a group of friends. We woke up in a rustic Airbnb farmhouse in a sleepy, small village in the east of Brussels. We lazily ventured downstairs for a hearty breakfast prepared by some of our closest mates. As we tucked into local cheeses and freshly baked bread, we discussed the coming festivities. Stephen was as always, his level headed self, but had a slight twinkle in his eye as he neared the time to wed his wonderful Helene. Stephen and Helene met while working at a farm in Dorset a few years ago. Helene had come over to the UK from Belgium for work and as their relationship flourished they dreamt of owning their own farm together. A dream which has recently been realised (Check out their farm out here).

Their entire wedding day was one full of joy and celebration, and the odd language mix up only added to the good humour. The church was where Helene was baptised and attended with her friends and family when she was younger, and the songs were sung in half French and half English (much to the delight of the locals, hearing us try to sing familiar hymns in a new tongue). The cakes were prepared by Helene’s mum who owns a bakery and the music in the evening was the perfect harmony of dance floor fillers and songs which we hadn’t heard since we were in primary school; Cotton Eye Joe being a firm favourite with the Belgian contingent.

One of our favourite parts of the day was the church venue. Eglise St-Etienne was once was a storage barn but fell into disrepair and was converted into a church building. Apparently there was a bit of controversy around the decision as to whether such a humble place was appropriate for a house of worship. I’m so glad they went ahead because it became a wonderfully unique and quirky venue. The amphitheater style seating meant it felt very intimate and the exposed brick and plaster work is the perfect blend of rustic and renewed.


As Stephen and Helene are a very down to earth duo, they didn’t want an “official” photographer for their destination wedding but instead, have their friends capture their day. This means what you’ll see below are just what we photographed and mere glimpses of a whole world of collaborative photos. A bit unusual for us, but really fun nonetheless!

Thank you to both Eglise St-Etienne and the Chateau de Corroy-Le-Grand

We love destination weddings, even more so when we’re travelling to witness close friends make one of the best decisions ever. Stephen and Helene, we will cherish these memories for life.

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